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Top 4 ways to improve patient flow for UK hospitals and ICSs 

Learn about the four key ways hospitals can improve patient flow and tackle the ongoing surges in demand for care that are central to elective recovery plans.

top 4 ways to improve patient flow

As we move beyond the intense pressures of the pandemic, elective procedures are resuming. With a record of more than 6.5M people waiting for treatment, hospitals are realising the extent of the care backlog as people come forward for treatment.

Hospitals in England have a total bed capacity of approximately 136,000 beds, a reduction of 11% since 2010. This decrease would not be a problem if patients were able to move through the care system—easily and efficiently—to the best care setting, such as their own home, with or without community nursing or regular social care support.

Unfortunately, issues of delayed transfer of care and poor patient flow are a reality for every hospital. However, it isn't just a hospital challenge, it is an ICS-wide issue that must be tackled at the root cause. Alleviating bottlenecks that negatively affect patients’ safety, experience and outcomes is critical.

Altera experts identified four key ways hospitals can improve patient flow and tackle these challenges. In this eBook, we explore how you can:

  1. Optimise patient access and bed management
  2. Eliminate housekeeping inefficiencies
  3. Effectively manage the porter pool
  4. Deploy a single, integrated patient flow solution
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