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Client Story

Clinically driven digital maturity:
How Medway NHS Foundation Trust achieved one of the fastest EPR deployments on record


Medway NHS Foundation Trust has been working with Allscripts since 2015, when the trust went live with a new Patient Administration System (PAS). Despite realising benefits such as improved patient flow, the trust found that with approximately 80 different clinical systems running alongside the PAS, it was having to rely heavily on paper documentation and that it was still struggling to manage siloed data. To address the problems it was facing, in November 2021, the trust went live with Allscripts Sunrise™ EPR to join non-integrated systems, increase time to care and streamline clinical processes.


  • The fastest Allscripts EPR deployment on record, during a period of intense pressure
  • Completed an extensive training programme, with more than 1,200 staff members completing their EPR training before go live. These were the highest training figures for any new system being introduced by the trust.
  • Mitigated risk to avoid major teething problems post-deployment and immediately realised clinical benefits, such as improved clinical communication and more effective decision-making
  • Assembled an integrated, collaborative EPR team to spearhead the next phases of the EPR deployment


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