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Client Story

Israel network integrates
clinical data for 8 million patients


The desire to aggregate patient information from disparate sources, do it quickly and present it in a way that made sense to caregivers gave rise to what is now called the Ofek Network, powered by the Altera Digital Health dbMotion™ Solution, across Clalit Health Services. It connects multiple health systems that serve Israel’s 8.3 million residents.

The technology compiles a view-only patient record in less than 10 seconds, freeing physicians to spend more quality time with patients, saving money on unnecessary tests and procedures, as well as reducing the incidence of complication. Because the solution sits above existing records systems to pull information based on search parameters, no changes to those legacy technologies are required for implementation.

Clalit Health Services has achieved significant savings across its organization by reducing unnecessary labs and imaging studies. It also achieves better patient outcomes that occur when a provider can view the pertinent portions of a patient’s records in a dashboard format, with the ability to drill down into information.


  • +25,000 Users
  • +15,000,000 Pages viewed per month
  • +2,000,000 Patient records viewed per month
  • <10 Seconds average response time


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